About HPRC

The Heirs' Property Retention Coalition (HPRC) was formed in the summer of 2006 as an organization of lawyers, advocates, and academics heavily involved in litigation, legislative reform, and/or scholarly study related to heirs' property, and in particular to the preservation of heirs' property within low income African-American communities. With an ever-expanding list of members and partners, HPRC has made significant progress on its goals in its short existence.

HPRC has both organizational and individual members, all of whom bring significant expertise and experience to the table. Some HPRC members are local organizations that have been working on the ground in their area for decades, while others are national organizations that bring a broader regional perspective into HPRC's work. HPRC's success derives from its highly inclusive structure, which encourages participations from a broad range of organizations and individuals with a common goal of preventing African American land loss.

Current HPRC members include:

HPRC has also partnerned with several entities either for specific projects (such as the Resource Center) or for HPRC's general work. Past partners include: